Gratitude to our Members & Renewal of Membership

MongolianevaluationSince its establishment in 2021, 200 people joined Mongolian Evaluation Association /MEA/ - Монголын үнэлгээний холбоо as members under the vision of promoting professionalization and institutionalization of evaluation at national level in Mongolia. It has been over a year since we introduced the membership. Our members enjoy various professional benefits through monthly Learning Sessions, receiving information by email lists with job, training and scholarship opportunities.

We encourage our members to renew their membership and our membership team will be sending reminders about this in the coming days.

MEA uses membership fee for paying its website maintenance, organizing workshop and trainings, solely. Please continue enjoying the benefits and most importantly continue contributing in the development of evaluation ecosystem in Mongolia through your participation, vote and voice.

Thank you for being a member of MEA!

Membership committee