First meeting of the Professionalization of Evaluation Task Force (PETF) held

Announcement of the official launch of the Mongolian Evaluation Association /MEA/'s Professionalization of Evaluation Task Force (PETF)!

A special note of gratitude goes out to all six members of the PETF on behalf of the MEA for their voluntary contributions. May this collaborative effort lead to positive outcomes and advancements in the field of evaluation. Their enthusiasm and commitment to promoting professionalization of evaluation at the national level are crucial for the growth and development of the field. The MEA community is undoubtedly fortunate to have such a passionate group of individuals working towards advancing evaluation practices.

PETF members organized their first meeting and enthusiastically discussed future work plans. This early collaboration and planning lay a strong foundation for the success of the PETF's endeavors.

Best wishes to the PETF members as they embark on this important journey. May their efforts contribute to the continued improvement and recognition of evaluation practices in Mongolia and beyond. Cheers to a successful and impactful mission ahead!