MEA Learning Session 2024/1: 'International experience with program evaluation and lessons for Mongolia' by Dr. Michael Bamberger and Dr. Raymond Gervais

We are delighted to extend an invitation to you for the Mongolian Evaluation Association /MEA/'s Learning Session 2024/01. During this event, we will be hosting an online webinar featuring the topic 'International experience with program evaluation and lessons for Mongolia'.

Our distinguished speakers for the session include Dr. Michael Bamberger, Senior Research Fellow at the International Initiative on Impact Evaluation, who will share insights into international approaches to program evaluation. Additionally, Dr. Raymond Gervais, an International Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) consultant specializing in Results-Based Management (RBM) from the MERIT program, will discuss the strengthening of program evaluation in Mongolia.

Nandinchimeg Magsar, an M&E Consultant and MEA Member, will serve as the discussant for the session, offering valuable perspectives.

When: 20:00-21:30, Wednesday, January 31, 2023 (ULAT)

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