Welcoming Chairs and Co-Chairs of 3 newly established Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) of MEA

Meet the newly appointed Chairs and Co-chairs of 3 new Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) of MEA namely, Legal Evaluation TIG, Education Evaluation TIG, and Gender Evaluation TIG:

Law Evaluation TIG
- Chair: Mr. Oyunbold Ganchuluun is a lawyer, Founder and Board member of the Mongolian Criminological Society, criminologist, and a researcher for the Mongolian Bar Association
- Co-Chair: Ms. Munkhjin Munkhzaya is a lawyer and she works as a Legal advisor at Trade and Development Bank Capital

Gender Evaluation TIG
- Chair: Ms. Erdenechimeg Tserendorj is an electronic engineer and social worker, and is an Executive Director for the Center for Social Work Excellence
- Co-Chair: Dr. Batkhishig Adilbish is a social worker and policy expert, and a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia.

Education Evaluation TIG
- Chair: Dr. Bayarmaa Badrakhbayar is a statistician and mathematician, and works as a Professor of Research Methodology Department of Mongolian State University of Education
- Co-Chair: Ms. Narangerel Bayarsaikhan is an education expert and is a Founder of Erdem Insight.

With these 3 new TIGs, MEA expands its existing below 7 TIGs to 10 TIGs:
1. Costs, Benefits, and Economic and Financial Evaluation
2. Quantitative Evaluation Methods
3. Climate Change and Environmental Evaluation
4. Health Sector Evaluation
5. National Evaluation Policies and Systems
6. Social Impact Measurement and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
7. Organizational and System Evaluation.

All our members are welcome to join up to 5 TIGs and please find the information about the TIGs here: https://www.mongolianevaluation.mn/files/editor/source/TIG_description_chairs_2023.pdf