Monthly Newsletter for 2024/1 is available now

We are pleased to share with you the January issue of the Mongolian Evaluation Association's Monthly Newsletter for 2024. The following information can be obtained from the Newsletter:

- MEA participated in the first meeting on key themes of the strategy of the Asia Pacific Evaluation Association - APEA

- Expansion of commitment in the Asia Pacific region

- The meeting was held of the MEA’s Professionalization of Evaluation Task Force (PETF)

- 1st board meeting of 2024 was held on 30 January 2024

- Meet the newly appointed chairs and co-chairs of 3 new Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) of MEA.

- 1st learning session of 2024 was held on 31 January 2024

- Member Spotlight: Sanchir Jargalsaikhan

- Upcoming events

- Upcoming Training

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